Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Haitian Provocation In DR

Haiti - FLASH : New Haitian provocation in DR
(Haiti Libre) - 02/03/2015 08:39:03

Haiti - FLASH : New Haitian provocation in DR
Saturday morning, 24 hours after the burning of a Dominican flag by a Haitian in the sector La Otra Banda de Santiago, the day of the Independence Day of the neighboring Republic http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-13272-haiti-flash-a-haitian-beaten-aftear-having-burned-the-dominican-flag.html , a new incident occurred when a group of Haitians, after tying our two-tone to a long stick, have risen it to the top of a tree in a street of the sector La Puyita (Peralta, Azua Province, southwest of the Dominican Republic) causing strong disapproval reaction in the Dominican population, who described this act of provocation.

Angry Dominicans some of whom very furious, clinched the Haitian flag, that they have cut into pieces with scissors, causing a tense situation between residents of the sector and Haitians of the zone...

Alerted by a risk of confrontation, the Dominican National Police of the municipality where are living for several years many dozens of Haitian illegal immigrants, went to the scene to prevent a tragedy.

Saturday afternoon, calm seemed returned in the sector of La Puyita. However, the police have decided to install a permanent vigilance on site, some Dominican having clearly threatened to take violent measures against Haitians living in this sector...

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