Friday, March 6, 2015

Haiti - Security: The PNH Announced That The "State Of Alert" Is Decreed

The killings and robberies are on-going. The Haitian Police is trying to stop the increase in crime. Some businesses in our area have shut their doors and left until things have calmed down. The other day a student walking home from school in the Tabarre area got in the way of a bullet that was meant for an ex-parliamentarian. A couple days ago the ex-head of security for Aristide was assassinated in our area (Delmas 30). Motorcycle thieves easily get away with their crimes. After Ysmaille died nothing was done. Things have continued and worsened. Some of it may be political. Martelly's theme is that Haiti is open for business. Business people seem to be especially targeted. Business is the only thing that will strengthen the economy and the livelihoods of the people. There are supposed to be anti-government protests tomorrow and 2 days of strikes on Monday and Tuesday for the government to reduce gas prices. It is always bad in a presidential election year. The UN is not involved in the extra police presence. This week driving around we can see the extra police presence on the streets. Lots of motorcylces are being stopped and searched and papers checked. Pray these thieves can be caught.

 Haiti - Security : The PNH announced that «the state of alert is decreed»
06/03/2015 11:46:20
Haiti - Security : The PNH announced that «the state of alert is decreed»
Thursday, Godson Orelus, the Chief of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), faced with the escalation of insecurity especially in Port-au-Prince, has confirmed that since the beginning of the year, several members of the population and police officers have been victims of armed bandits on the whole national territory. "Not a day passes without a person being fatally attacked by bandits [...] killings of people returning from the bank are many, despite the measures taken in 2013 to fight against this crime," recognizing that the bandits hit hard, he specified "We will pursue them to their limits," Wanting to reassure he asserted that "the police have the ability to fight against the bandits"....

"The police is on alert," said Godson Orelus who added that he just passed instructions for all units of the PNH to be mobilized "it was decided at the High Command of the Police that vacation requests and permissions for leave of police officers are temporarily suspended in order to have a maximum number of police officers available to secure the population." Instructions have been passed to all police stations to ensure the police officers fully occupy the territory, "All units of the PNH will be deployed in every corner of the city to defeat the bandits," urging people to work with law enforcement to obtain better results "There is an urgency [...] The state of alert has been decreed."

Aware that the country needs stability for the elections, Godson Orelus indicated "major decisions have been taken to have a stronger control of the street," without giving details on this new security plan, other than the increased searches and patrols in order not to give information to the bandits.

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