Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Deputy Vinicio Castillo Accuses The President Of Haiti

Haiti - Politic : The Deputy Vinicio Castillo accuses the President of Haiti...
(Haiti Libre) - 10/03/2015 10:48:01

Haiti - Politic : The Deputy Vinicio Castillo accuses the President of Haiti...
Dominican Deputy Vinicio Castillo Semán, of the National Progressive Force (FNP) accused the President Martelly, to use the Dominican-Haitian conflict for political purposes..

He condemned the allegations of Haitian President, which in his call for the cessation of violence against Haitian citizens in the Dominican Republic, participates in a racist campaign against Dominicans based on a generalization of isolated cases that do not reflect the reality of hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in harmony within the Dominican population.

"The President of Haiti in these statements shows that it was his government, who heads the defamation campaign against the Dominican Republic, which spreads throughout the world false information," affirms the deputy Vinicio who points out that the statements of the Head of State of Haiti "stirred the people of Haiti against the Dominican Republic," noting that "the President Martelly faces major criticism of the Haitian people, he wants to use the defense of Haitians in the Dominican Republic to strengthen politically in his country and makes sit on the bench of the accused, with the help of the International, the Dominican government, so that it can not deport illegal Haitians after the National Regularisation Plan of Foreigners." [in June 2015].

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