Saturday, March 7, 2015

New Rates Of Public Transit (Metropolitan Area)

Haiti - NOTICE : New rates of public transit (Metropolitan Area)
(Haiti Libre) - 07/03/2015 08:43:54

Haiti - NOTICE : New rates of public transit (Metropolitan Area)
In a note dated March 5, 2015, Victor Benoit, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour (MAST) and Coordinator of the National Commission for the Modernization of Public Transport (CNMTC), which includes in addition to the MAST : the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Central Directorate of Traffic Police and Union Organizations of public Transport, informs the population in general that after analysis of oil prices, derivatives and socio-economic reality of Haiti, that the rates in effect for the different circuits of public transport in the metropolitan area are fixed as follows :

These new rates are effective upon this publication and will be reviewed regularly depending on the oil market. Prices for circuits of the provincial towns will be announced shortly.

The CNMTC, appeals to the scrupulous respect of circuits and prices by all concerned (drivers and passengers). Furthermore it recalls that under Article 196 of the Decree of 26 May 2006 on Registration and Operation of Vehicles "The vehicles used for public transport in urban areas, can not set themselves a route, without special permission of the competent authority."

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