Thursday, March 12, 2015

Over 40,000 Haitians Repatriated In Less Than 70 Days

Haiti - Social : Over 40,000 Haitians repatriated in less than 70 days...
(Haiti Libre) - 12/03/2015 09:45:11

Haiti - Social : Over 40,000 Haitians repatriated in less than 70 days...
Tuesday, Major-General José Eugenio Matos de la Cruz, Chief of the Army of the Dominican Republic, which provided an update on surveillance operations on the border, informed that more than 40,000 Haitians in less than 70 days, who attempted to enter illegally in Dominican territory across the border, have been arrested and repatriated Haiti, in coordination with the Ministry of Immigration, since the beginning of 2015 stating "Compared to last year, there has been an increase of over 80% of people who tried to enter illegally in the country."

To get a better idea of the magnitude of the "escape" from Haiti, of our compatriots to the neighboring Republic, recall that in 2011 for the whole year, these repatriations amounted to "only" 15.189 people...

Major General de la Cruz specified that there was, for the moment, three brigades on the border each composed of more than a thousand men, noting that different Dominican institutions want an increase in border staff to better results.

He also confirmed that the Minister of Defence, at the request of the commanders of brigades and Cesfront, had agreed for an aerial surveillance of the border by helicopter, permanently, recalling that the planes "Super Tucano" can also be of great help, if the Minister directs it.

Meanwhile Tuesday in Antigua, Guatemala Chancellor Duly Brutus met his Dominican counterpart Duly Brutus within the framework of return to normalization of bilateral relations

During the meeting which was attended by the Haitian Ambassador accredited in Guatemala, Guy Lamothe and the Dominican Vice Chancellor Cesar Dargan, Chancellor Brutus argued that illegal migration of Haitians could be solved through investment in Haiti and especially along the border. He took the example of the potential of the North-East that could become a privileged area for foreign direct investment. This view was shared by Andrés Navarro García according to which "only the economic development will allow the two countries to coexist peacefully and on the long term," while pointing out to his Haitian counterpart, that a direct communication system between the two chancellors would allow better management of disputes that may arise between the two countries.

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