Thursday, March 26, 2015

Haiti - Politic: Cuba Pleads For Haiti In Geneva

Haiti - Politic : Cuba pleads for Haiti in Geneva
(Haiti Libre) - 26/03/2015 11:21:17

Haiti - Politic : Cuba pleads for Haiti in Geneva
As part of the 28th Session of the Council of Human Rights held in Geneva until 27 March 2015, the Cuban delegate Claudia Pérez, in a note published earlier this week, by the Permanent Mission of the Great West Indies in Geneva declared that "Cuba considers that the reconstruction and development of Haiti remains a debt to the people who, after centuries of colonialism, made the first social revolution in the Americas [...]"

Stressing "It is vital to meet the needs and priorities of the Haitian people and their government [...] We reiterate our call on the developed countries to honor their commitments and to provide support and assistance that this nation needs urgently. We invite creditors to write off their debts."

According to the delegate of Cuba "we all have a moral obligation to provide additional financial resources and greater cooperation to Haiti, not only for reconstruction, but especially for its development [...] Cuba reaffirms its commitment to the people of this country, consequently, it maintains its collaboration to improve the enjoyment of economic, social and important cultural rights."

Claudia Pérez reminded that there is a Cuba-Haiti cooperation in the field of education and health and in development programs in collaboration with other countries "in full respect for the sovereignty and self-determination of this brother country," stressing that "in this way, you can really empower people and always improve a little more the enjoyment of their rights [...]"

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