Monday, March 30, 2015

The Human Rights Council Adopted A Text On Haiti

Haiti - Politic : The Human Rights Council adopted a text on Haiti
(Haiti Libre) - 30/03/2015 07:57:46

Haiti - Politic : The Human Rights Council adopted a text on Haiti
Friday afternoon in Geneva, the Human Rights Council (HRC) has completed its work and adopted a text on Haiti. Through a statement by President, the HRC has also adopted without a vote, the request of the Haitian authorities to renew for one year the mandate of Gustavo Gallón, the independent expert on the situation of human rights in Haiti, which is part of the technical assistance and capacity building. The Council invites the independent expert to assist the Government of Haiti in the implementation of its recommendations and those issued by other special procedures and to present its report on the situation of human rights in Haiti at the March 2016 session of the Human Rights Council.

The Council notes the latest legal and policy developments in Haiti marked especially by progress on civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural. It welcomes the installation, January 23, 2015, of a new Provisional Electoral Council, as well as the publication of the electoral decree and the timetable for elections by the Provisional Electoral Council.

The Council encourages the Government of Haiti to continue to strengthen the rule of law, notably through the fight against impunity, corruption, crime and its causes and to continue to build the capacity of the national police and the judicial system, in order to ensure the functioning of institutions and public services and enjoyment of all human rights.

The Council particularly welcomes the launch in March 2015, of the operation "Punch" , which aims to provide urgent and structured response to the phenomenon of prolonged pretrial detention.

The Council encourages the international community in general, particularly international donors, the Latin American and Caribbean States, the countries of the Group of Friends of Haiti and the specialized agencies of the United Nations, particularly the High Commissioner for Human Rights, to strengthen their cooperation and coordination with the Haitian authorities.

Following the adoption of the statement by President on the situation of human rights in Haiti, Haiti welcomed the consensus on the text and assured that his government had undertaken commitments in favor of the forthcoming holding of elections, healthy and democratic. He welcomed the involvement of bilateral and international partners

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