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Haiti - Security: 814 Police Officers Revoked In 2014

Haiti - Security : 814 police officers revoked in 2014
(Haiti Libre) - 22/03/2015 10:23:01

Haiti - Security : 814 police officers revoked in 2014
In a report published this week, the General Inspectorate of the National Police of Haiti (IGPNH), presents its review for 2014, whose we ave summarized the highlights.

One learn that "[...] 814 police officers were dismissed from the PNH in 2014, including 717 for dereliction of duty and 97 for various reasons." The dismissal for abandonment of post, had never been applied in previous years, which explains the high number in 2014, where IGPNH decided to apply the regulation with full force "Of the 97 dismissal for various reasons, 23 were dismissed for embezzlement, 8 for rug trafficking, 7 theft, 9 for abductions, 10 for homicides, 6 for corruption and 4 for murder. ...]"

Moreover, "949 complaints against police officers have been filed by citizens for different types of violation embezzlement, abuse of authority, physical assault, assault and battery, debts, violence, denial of care, threats and confiscation of goods."

In addition, the report states that a "[...] total of 1,254 cases were opened by the various divisions of investigation for the year 2014" (being finalized) "7.047 investigation acts were they achieved, distributed, among others, in 1,886 summonses, 1,734 hearings, 1,827 retention of checks and 494 invitations. 820 records have also been finalized during the year by the investigations division. These files processed are distributed to the following types of violations: 109 for debt, 112 for assault and battery, 177 for weapon losses, 18 for mistreatment, 21 for escapes, 26 for gunshot wounds, 17 for assaults, 48 for violence and 15 for unjustified shootings [...]".

Finally, the report points out that between 1995 and 2014, 806 police officers were killed "[...] 63 have been murdered, 252 died of disease, 233 have been shot dead, 43 victims of traffic accidents and 70 victims of the earthquake in January 1010."

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