Sunday, March 8, 2015

Port-au-Prince Parlayzed The Next Two Days

Pray for the next couple of days for safety and peace on the streets. There is a transportation strike being planned by protesters on Monday and Tuesday. The teachers told our students and parents to monitor road conditions and the radio to find out if it is safe to send their children on the street to school. The government is putting buses on the streets and the police will be on the streets as well preventing blockades from being established on the streets. It should be an interesting couple of days. We are planning stay-home activities like cleaning/organizing our "new" freshly painted (Saturday)  living room :)

Haiti - Politic : Port-au-Prince paralyzed the next two days
(Haiti Libre) - 08/03/2015 11:50:50

The "Patriotic Movement for Democratic Opposition" (MOPOD), which brings together the main parties of the radical opposition, invites the public to respect the general strike order in public transit, launched by the National Platform of Unions Transport Faithful (PNSTF) for Monday 9 and Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Recall that the PNSTF calls for a reduction in the price per gallon : of 100 Gdes for gasoline, 89 Gdes for diesel and 80 Gdes for kerosene. A claim that the Government has repeatedly confirmed, not being able to meet.

 For its part, the Government promises to the population, a free bus service with the company "Dignité", to allow the public to freely go about their business. Rothchild François Jr., Minister of Communication had recently stated at the announcement of the two-day strike "Everyone can make a strike or a demonstration. But it is necessary that the rules of the game are respected. This means that if I do not want to observe this day of strike, you can not force me, threaten me, exercise violence against me to prevent me from freely go about my business."

 Furthermore, Lucien Gymps, General Coordinator of the member organizations of MOPOD, invites the population to avoid any actions designed to provoke the Dominican people, like burning their flag or attack Dominicans in Haiti, noting such acts could lead to reprisals on Haitians living in the neighboring Republic.

 The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, informs us that the "National Platform of Unions Transport Faithful" is not registered to the Directorate of Labour and recalls that the establishment of a union, must comply with the provisions of the Labour Code in Articles 225 and following.

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