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Haiti - Education: Signature Of A University Agreement Between France and Haiti

Haiti - Education : Signature of an university agreement between France and Haiti
(Haiti Libre) - 25/03/2015 10:45:43

Haiti - Education : Signature of an university agreement between France and Haiti
On Monday, a cooperation framework agreement was signed by Jean Vernet Henry, President of the Conference of Rectors, Presidents and heads of higher education institutions in Haiti (CORPUHA) and Jean-Paul Jourdan, Representative of the French Conference of University Presidents (CPU) in the presence of Nesmy Manigat, the Minister of Education and rectors of Haitian and French universities.

This 5-years convention, signed with the support of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, will allow to structure and perpetuate the already dynamic university cooperation between France and Haiti. It encourages the development of joint training between Haitian and French universities and research of research teams supported by calls for projects. The agreement will increase the number of agreements leading to the delivery of double diplomas between Haiti and France and encourage the training of executives for sustainable development of the country and exchange between Haitian and French research laboratories.

This new Convention marks the reaffirmation of the French involvement in a common cause: sharing of knowledge and the promotion of the Francophonie in the Americas, area in which Haiti plays a pioneering role.

Jean Vernet Henry clarified that Haiti did not want scientific assistance but "a real cooperation based on an exchange between partners with common interests [...] we hope that this agreement will allow us to have the opportunity to broaden the scope of our collaboration."

Recall that since 2010, university cooperation played a leading role in the manifestation of international solidarity vis-à-vis Haiti. In this context, France, its universities and research organizations have been at the forefront of the partners of the Haitian university system, with which a strong relationship was forged through a dense history.

John Paul Jourdan, recalled that "nearly 34% of Haitian mobile students come to our country, half at the level of license," recalling the strong support of France post-earthquake, which awarded 700 master's scholarships to young Haitians.

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