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Haiti - Security: Elections, Environment And Seismic Hazard

Haiti - Security : Elections, Environment and Seismic Hazard
(Haiti Libre) - 29/03/2015 11:11:53

Haiti - Security : Elections, Environment and Seismic Hazard
Friday at the Primature, at the weekly press conference, Rothchild François Jr., spokesman of the Government talked about security during the upcoming elections, Jean Marie Claude Germain, Minister of the Environment, of the rainy season and preventive measures and geologist Claude Prepetit seismic hazard in Haiti.

Rothchild François Jr. reiterated the commitment of the Government to ensure security in the country at the forthcoming elections. He said that the National Police of Haiti (PNH) had received formal instructions to that effect, adding that the government also relying on the support of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

In this regard recall the statements delivered that same day by Sandra Honoré, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations at a press conference "The Mission plays a supporting role in the efforts of the PNH. The modus operandi of MINUSTAH and its police component (UNPOL) in relation to security, is that in first line of response there is the National Police of Haiti. In the second line of response, if needed and requested, there is a support from the United Nations police and in third line of response when the efforts of the PNH and UNPOL fail to dominate whatever situation, it is there that the military component of the UN and the military component of MINUSTAH intervenes"

Furthermore, the Government Spokesman expressed the solidarity of the whole Government towards religious congregations victims of armed bandit attacks and rejoiced of the PNH work, which begins to apprehend some of these individuals

Jean Claude Germain, Minister of Environment, to less than two months of the rainy season start announced clearing works in several areas of the country. "A high labor intensity program is running in the area of Lake Azuei and the Chain Troud'Eau," stressing that this is a multi-sectoral work involving besides his Ministry, the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities. He took the opportunity to denounce once again, uncontrolled construction around the city of Port-au-Prince who are risk areas for the population.

The engineer geologist Claude Prepetit, explained that Haiti was facing a high seismicity, recalling that some faults are not yet located. The Haitian specialist revealed that thanks to the national monitoring network, more than twenty earthquakes of low magnitude, were recorded in various parts of the country during the month of March.

The geologist, who recalled the impossibility at present to predict an earthquake, announced the publication of a quarterly newsletter to inform the public about the tremors recorded in Haiti. Moreover, it also announced that a brochure presenting the micro-zoning of the country, will be distributed during the month of April

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