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Minister Manigat Launches The Fight Against School Violence

Haiti - Education : The Minister Manigat launches the fight against school violence
(Haiti Libre) - 13/03/2015 12:39:59

Haiti - Education : The Minister Manigat launches the fight against school violence
This week, Nesmy Manigat, the Minister of National Education, announced a package of measures to fight against school violence stating "School violence is intolerable. The school institution just as society as a whole must convince young people to reject these acts that fit to the antipodes of the values they are intended to convey; values of tolerance and acceptance of others egardless of physical differences, biological or social."

He appealed to the family, asking it to play its role in the education of children in order to give give meaning and monitoring the school work, recalling that children spend only 30% of their time in school, and the 70%, remaining, the children spendit with their families in the neighborhood, with friends, listening to the media, the latter also having an important role in the socialization of children.

Along with this call to responsibility, the Minister announced that a certain number of measures were adopted :

A helpline has been set up through a partnership with the National Telecommunications Council (CONATEL)A phone number: 199 will allow to alert the Ministry on all cases of school violence, whether physical, verbal or sexual "The Ministry will be able to respond quickly and effectively," stressed the Minister.

Furthermore, Nesmy Manigat indicated that "the Ministry is initiating a collaboration with the Haitian Association of Psychologists (AHP) and the Faculty of Human Sciences (FASCH) of the State University of Haiti (UEH ) to recruit a team of psychologists and social workers to assist students caught in this spiral of violence. Memoranda of understanding with these two institutions will be signed in the near future."

Consultations are also held with the Ministry of Justice and the National Police to strengthen security around schools and better supervision of students. "Of police patrols will be responsible to roam the most popular arteries by students as well as the immediate perimeter of schools." The Minister hopes that in future, police officers are trained and dedicated specifically to

Finally, more fundamentally, the Ministry plans to take advantage of the current curriculum reform, to further enrich the training focused on civic values, respect for the human person and property of others and of living together.

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