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Haiti - Regularisation: Insufficient Efforts Of The Haitian Government

Haiti - Regularisation : Insufficient efforts of the Haitian Government...
(Haiti Libre) - 03/04/2015 12:42:34

Haiti - Regularisation : Insufficient efforts of the Haitian Government...
Gabriel del Río, President of the CASC (Confederación Autónoma Sindical Clasista) declared that the biggest obstacle for Haitian workers in irregular migration situation in the Dominican Republic is the inability to obtain an identity document to enroll in the National Plan for the Regularization of Foreigners (PNRE), situation he blames the Haitian authorities.

"The Haitian government is a big obstacle. Most Haitians have no papers, no documents that allow them to register [...]" adding that many Haitians went to seek them in Haiti and returned always undocumented from theit country...

A situation that favors the market of counterfeiters, indicating that thousands of Haitian immigrants were found in possession of forged identity documents.

The Employers' Confederation of the Dominican Republic (COPARDOM) abounds in the same direction and is very critical of the Government of Haiti it accuses of extreme slowness in the identification document issuing to its nationals, the Confederation says to be concerned about the low number of cases submitted to the Dominican authorities by illegal aliens seeking to qualify for the PNRE. Although the Dominican Republic mentions over 170,000 registration one be estimated as realistic the total number of Haitian nationals in an irregular situation to over 400,000, although there are no reliable official figures in this field.

The waiting period for obtaining a Haitian passport exceeds 5 months as indicated by Lunoeh Rolliere,
Spokesmen of Haitian, January 27 during a demonstration in front of the Consulate of Haiti at Calle Juan XXIII (Higuey) "it's been over 5 months they have made their passport application, for which they have paid US $ 110 and they still have not got them. Pointing out that they are there to work and do not want to be illegal."

This week the National Archives of Haiti (ANH) reported that within the framework of Identification Program and Documentation of Haitian Immigrants (PIDIH), set up in the Dominican Republic, more than 20,000 birth certificates have already been issued to our compatriots living in neighboring Republic

The Minister Brutus announced that next April, the Haitian government will open offices in Dominican cities of Santiago (Center), Barahona (South) and in Higuey (east), to accelerate the process of document delivery to our compatriots living in the neighboring countries, to enable them to apply to PNRE.

He also announced that Haiti will issue a temporary letter to Haitian illegal immigrants, which will serve them as a received for registration in regulation plan, until the Haitian government provide them their passports, the first requirements of the PNRE

However, beyond these announcements, one can wonder whether these measures will be sufficient to less than 90 days of the expiration of PNRE (which ends in June 2015). Clearly, the elections for the Haitian Government, take precedence over our compatriots in difficulties in the neighboring Republic since election candidates, according to the tatements this week, of Wilfrid Bertrand, Director of the National Archives of Haiti (ANH) be able to get a birth certificate or extract archives for the elections in less than 48 hours.

Remind our brothers and sisters in neighboring Republic, who have no identification paper that the presidential decree published January 16, 2014 , allow to obtain, without recourse to a judgment, a birth certificate and extract archive with the consulates of Haiti in the Dominican Republic, remains to know in what time frame...

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