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The Argentine Contingent Of Gonaives, Is About To Leave Haiti

Haiti - Security : The Argentine contingent of Gonaives, is about to leave Haiti
26/04/2015 09:35:57

Haiti - Security : The Argentine contingent of Gonaives, is about to leave Haiti
The Argentine contingent of the MINUSTAH stationed in Gonaïves, about to permanently leave Haiti, a process that will end in May.

A total of 431 peacekeepers of the 20th Argentine Battalion (ARGBATT) participated in midweek to a formal farewell ceremony in the city of Gonaïves (northwest of the capital) in the presence of Sandra Honoré Head of the Minustah and Representative of the United Nations, the Argentine Ambassador to Haiti, Alejandro Guillermo del Mundo Escobal, of secretary of the coordination of military aid to the Argentine Ministry of Defence, Pedro Roberto Corti, the Commissioner Serge Therriault of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) and Berson Soljour, departmental Director of the PNH.

The Minustah recalled that "since its first rotation, no fewer than 8,560 peacekeepers of Argentina participated in the Minustah, including more than 200 women." In addition to patrolling the South American contingent in Gonaïves, provided water and medical assistance to orphanages and people in remote municipalities in the department of Artibonite (North West).

The soldiers of the Argentine contingent stationed in Gonaïves will join 47 other of aviation stationed in Port-au-Prince that will also complete their mission and return to Argentina over the next two or three weeks.

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