Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three Electoral Councilors Threaten Resignation, Say Sources

Haiti: Three Electoral Councilors threaten resignation, say sources
6 of 9 electoral councilors and DG of the 2015 Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) [file]
 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (sentinel.ht) - Three members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) would be ready to submit their resignations if discharges for former executives were to be issued outside of the law, according to information learned by The Sentinel. If the resignations were to occur, free and fair elections in 2015 would become virtually impossible.

Along with a number of influential political parties who have already stated they would boycott the contests under those conditions, the first news of electoral councilors on the same wavelength came via Jonas Saintan on Train Matinal on Zenith FM.

This comes as protests at the Supreme Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) have become frequent, two per week, and announcements by “popular” civil society organizations suggest on May 1, efforts will be multiplied.

Rumors suggest that President Michel Martelly would issue a decree to provide discharges to former ministers and most in Haiti are opposed to the notion. In the face of these rumors, the administration has remained silent on whether it would take such a measure, which is maintaining a significant level of doubt in the possibility of elections in 2015.

Ministers and persons who accept positions handling government funds waive their right to participate in elections until their management of those state funds are reviewed and discharged by Parliament. For many of Haiti’s highest positions, President, Senator and Deputy, candidates are required to have achieved a discharge of their duties for having managed government funds.

The process, according to law, for a discharge requires that an audit be performed by the CSC/CA and this report and audit be forwarded to a bicameral committee of the Parliament who will then present its recommendations to both chambers of the legislature, “The People’s House”, for a vote.
A number of ministers, including former prime ministers, aspiring to hold public office will not have obtained discharges by election time due to the dysfunction of the Haitian Parliament.

The electoral council of 2015 is one formed according to Article 289 of the Constitution which means, a number of civil society organizations participated in appointing it nine councolers, rather than in previous years, where councilors came from state institutions, mainly the National Palace.

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