Monday, April 20, 2015

The Chief Prosecutor Of Gonaives Revoked

Haiti - FLASH : The Chief Prosecutor of Gonaïves revoked
20/04/2015 10:55:28

Haiti - FLASH : The Chief Prosecutor of Gonaïves revoked
After the announcement of the layoff of Me Kherson Darius Charles, the Government Commissioner at the Court of First Instance (TPI) of Port-au-Prince Pierre-Richard Casimir, the Minister of Justice announced the revocation of Enock Géné Genelus the Chief Prosecutor near the TPI of this jurisdiction.

The Minister Casimir Specifies that "Following the report of the Commission of Inquiry dispatched by the Ministry in the jurisdiction of Gonaïves, Me Enock Géné Genelus, was dismissed for having acted, as a prosecutor, in a folder already transferred to the investigating office, such intervention is against the principle of separation of functions of prosecution and investigation.

The Ministry therefore intends to ensure that the prosecution officers at all levels of jurisdiction, exercise their role of prosecution in respect of the law and the rules of procedure. Moreover, it is in this sense that at least 5 circulars were sent to the various prosecutors of the Republic in order to draw their attention to the respect of the law in the exercise of their functions."

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