Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sources: Former Haiti Deputy Jean Limongy Released No Charges Filed

Jean Limongy [right][HPN]
Jean Limongy [right][HPN]

Sources: Former Haiti Deputy Jean Limongy released, no charges filed

MIAMI, USA ( - Former Deputy Jean Samson Limongy who was arrested earlier this week for cocaine trafficking and immigration matters, was released Thursday, April 16, according to sources. This information comes as infamous Aristide-era drug trafficker, Jacques Ketant, had his prison sentence reduced considerably.

The Haiti Press Network reported speaking to the son of Deputy Limongy, Ralph Jean Samson, who said his father was arrested for problems related to immigration and was released Thursday with no charges being filed.

Deputy Samson is the adjoint coordinator of the Program for Identification and Documentation of Haitian Immigrants (PIDIH), and was arrested by US authorities Friday, April 11, 2015 for cocaine trafficking and immigration issues, according to the county arrest record.

Friday morning, The Sentinel received notice that a motion in a Miami court was accepted to reduce the sentence of convicted cocaine trafficker, Jacques Ketant, to 162 months (13 years and 6 months). Ketant was originally sentenced for 27 years. The Sentinel's source at the U.S. Attorney's Office said "with good time credit, I expect that he will be released in the near future."

Prosecutors are unsure what immigration officials will do with Ketant once he is released.

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