Friday, April 10, 2015

11 Dominicans Arrested For Reprisals Against Haitians

Haiti - Justice : 11 Dominicans arrested for reprisals against Haitians
(Haiti Libre) - 10/04/2015 10:19:08

Haiti - Justice : 11 Dominicans arrested for reprisals against Haitians
Thursday night, the Regional Command of Central Cibao of the Dominican National Police (PND), said to have arrested 11 Dominican citizens accused of having caused Wednesday violence and property damage to the property of hundreds of Haitian citizens in the community Ortega in Moca

Those arrested were identified as : Luis David Beato Hernández (22) ; Antonio José Pérez Fabián (21), Nelson Núñez Veras (39) ; José Gregorio Hernández Rodríguez (24) ; Ambioris Antonio Hernández Rodríguez (19) ; José Manuel Ortega Hernández (19) ; Henry Manuel Núñez Veras, (38) ; Adrián Ovalles Jiménez (18) ; Ariel Paulino Pérez (25) ; Edwin Guzmán Guzmán (34), and Rafael Grullón Veras (25).

Colonel Lorenzo Morillo, local spokesperson for the PND said that the detainees had admitted having committed these acts in reprisal for the killing of a motorcycle taxi, Carlos Jose Nunez, 18, who was beaten to death and then stripped of his motorcycle, apparently according to their allegations by two Haitian immigrants, which, Monday had boarded the motorcycle taxi of the community.

This murder has angered residents who have scared off and forcibly expelled hundreds of Haitians in irregular migration status who lived in the community of Ortega. In addition, the homes where Haitians lived were looted and their property thrown into the streets, where they were destroyed and burned.

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