Monday, April 20, 2015

The Ministry Appeals To The Sense Of Responsibility Of Teachers

Haiti - Education : The Ministry appeals to the sense of responsibility of teachers
(Haiti Libre) - 20/04/2015 12:22:05

Haiti - Education : The Ministry appeals to the sense of responsibility of teachers
Under the threat of an ultimatum from the National Union of Haitian Normaliens (UNNOH) expiring on April 24, which provides for the resumption of strikes and demonstrations from 27 April, due-according them the incomplete execution and delays in the implementation of a set of measures , particularly in the implementation of the Advantage card and of the credit program for teachers, the Ministry of National Education, in a statement, appealed to teachers to their sense of responsibility.

"Considering the announcement of new strikes and disturbances on the part of some teachers unions threatening a school year already severely compromised, with over 200 hours already lost for some students in the public sector, the Ministry of Education and vocational Training (MENFP) wishes to remind for all that the State has already made great efforts to meet its commitments to the teachers.

MENFP appeals to the sense of responsibility and professional ethics of public school teachers by asking them not to continue to penalize children. The Ministry emphasizes on the the duty of any officer of the Public Service to provide the hours of work for which they are paid. The Public Service Act provides for disciplinary action against those who do not show up to work.

Consequently, the MENFP asks Departmental Directors, together with the inspectors, to provide a weekly report to the competent authorities on the state of attendance in public schools for the actions of law.

The Ministry took the opportunity to denounce certain practices of striking teachers, consisting to charge for remedial courses to students in high schools while they are absent from their regular hours of service. The directors of the schools concerned must act in accordance with the prohibition made by the ministry, to counter such attitudes contrary to professional ethics."

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