Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Extreme Tension At The Border, A Peacekeeper Shot Dead

Haiti - FLASH : Extreme tension at the border, a peacekeeper shot dead
14/04/2015 07:41:17

Haiti - FLASH : Extreme tension at the border, a peacekeeper shot dead
Monday afternoon, hundreds of protesters took the streets to demand the electrification of Ouanaminthe and Fort-Liberté, to the appeal of Dr. Claude Joazard, aspiring candidate for the Senate under the banner of the Fanmi Lavalas, very popular in the region [according to local press]. The protest quickly become violent. One peacekeeper was shot dead, many people were injured, including one PNH agent, 4 Dominican trucks were attacked, damaged and at least one truck was looted.

Paúl Alonso, of human rights and Giovanni Scoto, of the National Federation of DominicanTransport Fenatrado, explained that the protesters have seized 4 Dominicans trucks after having attacked thme with stones, smashing windshields, piercing tires and violently forcing drivers (Francisco Tejada, Jorge Martí Tineo Batista et Rafael Alfonso Peralta Franco) to leave their vehicle under the threat of machetes and sticks.

The demonstrators, whose several of them were seen, heavily armed, used trucks to block the road and threatened to set them on fire. The Secretary General of the Fenatrado reported that one of the trucks was looted retained and that the protesters are left with a textile load.

During clashes with security forces, a Chilean military, Sergeant Rodrigo Sanhueza Soto, 35, of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) was shot while trying to contain the demonstration near the Haiti and Dominican Republic border (according to information from the Ministry of Defense of Chile). Seriously affected, he was rushed to the premises of the Uruguayan contingent to receive first aid, but despite all efforts, he succumbed to his injuries and died at 13:50. He leaves behind a wife and two children aged 10 and 3 years.

Also a police officer, a member of the Intelligence Service of the National Police of Haiti was shot in the left arm. The Chilean military as the PNH agent were stripped of their service weapons by unidentified individuals.

At the time of these incidents, many Haitians have fled to the mountains, while sporadic gunfire was heard. Several injuries and arrests were reported without further details at this time.

In response to these actions, the Fenatrado, decided to block the access road to the customs offices, immigration and binational market. The President of the Federation, Geovanny Escoto said that Dominicans drivers who were attacked have been spared because they were able to escape through the woods.

Escoto said it is time that the Dominican authorities manage the situation and find a solution with the Haitian authorities to end the frequent attacks against the Dominicans carriers crossing in Haiti "We are tired of so much aggression, we no longet support them."

For the Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aimé (North-East), the population has had enough of the lies of the Government regarding the electrification promises of Ouanaminthe and Fort-Liberté. Affirming that the police will have also to arrest him because it does not intend to left the street.

According to various sources, other events could take place on Tuesday in Ouanaminthe.

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