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The Bahamas Will Deport 290 Haitians

Haiti - Social : The Bahamas will deport 290 Haitians
23/04/2015 10:09:22

Haiti - Social : The Bahamas will deport 290 Haitians
In a statement, Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration of the Bahamas, informs that he announced Wednesday before the House of Representatives that the Government of the Bahamas will charter two planes to Port-au-Prince, which will transport each 145 illegal immigrants in an irregular migration situation and it will cost the Bahamas, nearly 67.265 US dollars.

"I bring this to the attention of the country to demonstrate that it remains an annoying problem, consistent and costly [...] Instead of spending money in ports, roads and airports, we're obliged to spend money to deport illegal immigrants to their countries of origin."

Stressing that the fight against illegal immigration is a priority in the Archipelago National security program, he recalled that on 1 November 2014 entered into force a new immigration law that created international controversy This law states that the Bahamas will no longer accept applications for work visas from people residing illegally in the country and that immigrants living in the Bahamas should always carry with them, among other things, the passport of their homeland.

Note that the Bahamas with a population of about 377,000 inhabitants, would have almost 70,000 immigrants living on its territory, most illegal immigrants, including Haitian 20.000 to 50.000 (Source International Organisation for Migration - IOM).

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