Friday, April 3, 2015

Dominican Councilman Arrested For Drug Trafficking Through Haiti

Dominican Councilman arrested for drug trafficking through Haiti
Central Narcotics Police (DICAN) present seized contraband
Central Narcotics Police (DICAN) present seized contraband
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic ( - A councilman of the border province of Independencia in the Dominican Republic has been arrested for running a drug trafficking ring they say imported marijuana through Haiti.
Councilman Luis Domingo Medina Trinidad was arrested with four other men after police seized some 170 kilograms (375 pounds) of marijuana. Medina serves as Councilman of the Independencia province where Jimani is a major port of international trade between the nations.

Police say the suspects would bring marijuana in from Haiti through Lake Enriquillo. The drugs would then go to the Dominican capitol of Santo Domingo and the towns of Capotillo, Gualey, Guachupita, Los Mina, Sabana Perdida, Ensanche Isabelita, los Tres Ojos and municipalities Guerra and Boca Chica..

"It was determined by intelligence work that this organization carries marijuana shipments from Haiti to Dominican Republic, specifically to the Jimaní and is then transported using different vehicles to the city of Santo Domingo where supply of different drugs to neighborhoods of Greater Santo Domingo," said Central Narcotics Police (DICAN) Spokesman Jacobo Mateo Moquete.

He said other members of the network are dismantled Luis Raul Reyes Alcantara, alias "Luisito the decline"; Ángel Félix Montero, Emmanuel Cena Felix Rivas and Michelangelo, who were arrested during operations.

Police spokesman Jacobo Mateo Moquete said Friday that Medina was arrested after a month-long investigation while traveling in his vehicle down an avenue in west Santo Domingo. Medina did not put up a fight.

Who were the Dominican nationals working with on the Haitian side of the network? In speaking with some enforcement exports, The Sentinel has come to learn that likely possibility would be those with capabilities, more affluent members of Haitian society. The wealthy or politically connected are among the few who could be trusted to support such a network from the Haitian side.

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