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Murder Of A Dominican, More Than 300 Haitians Expelled From Ortega

Haiti - Social : Murder of a Dominican, more than 300 Haitians expelled from Ortega
09/04/2015 11:14:57

Haiti - Social : Murder of a Dominican, more than 300 Haitians expelled from Ortega
On Wednesday, a high tension prevailed in the Ortega community, Moca, Dominican Republic, where the population destroyed and ransacked the homes of Haitians who lived in an irregular situation. The incident occurred following the discovery of a young Dominican Carlos José Gómez Núñez 18 years old, a motorcycle taxi that had been missing since Monday found dead, tied up after being beaten and then hanged in Rancho Viejo (La Vega), the motorcycle has been stolen.

Over 300 of our compatriots (men, women and children) have escaped and survived to a very angry crowd, armed with stick, others were driven out of the community, rather brutally. The population accused the Haitians of being responsible for the death of young Gómez, based on the testimony of the family, who said the last passengers, he took were Haitians. A contingent of the National Police was sent Wednesday afternoon to Ortega, to secure the area and prevent further attacks and clashes against the Haitian population. Wednesday evening calm seemed returned.

Police confirmed that Willy, Gomez's brother told investigators that on Monday, his brother had taken on board his motorcycle two Haitian illegal since he never returned.

Residents and local organizations have appealed to the Directorate General of Immigration so that is repatriated all illegal Haitians living in their community, which according to them, threaten their safety. Several members of the populations monitoring the access to the area to prevent the return of Haitians.

This incident shows once again, whow the tension is explosive between Dominican and Haitian communities, each time an incident occurs, blames the other community, without waiting for the results of investigations and the action of justice. A popular judgment, that unfortunately we also know too often in Haiti.

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