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Haiti - Libre: The Entire Electoral Budget Will Be Managed By The International

Haiti - Elections : The entire electoral budget will be managed by the International
(Haiti Libre) - 31/03/2015 12:23:31

Haiti - Elections : The entire electoral budget will be managed by the International
Le Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is actively working on the development of the next election budget but, it is still not able to specify the exact amount. However, Pierre-Louis Opont, the President of the CEP believes that the amount could be between $50 and 60 million, which would make these elections the most expensive ever made in Haiti.

"We identify our needs and it is the Haitian State which will seek funds for elections [...] since there is no agreement yet for the additional amount of the general elections, we will see what will be the government's position [...] today I can not give the cost of elections because we have not yet the Executive green light," explained Pierre-Louis Opont, who believes that the budget should be made public in the coming days.

Currently 37.9 million dollars have already been confirmed for the upcoming elections: 13.8 million US dollars funded by Haiti (36.4%), $6.8 million of the European Union,
$6.5 million of the US, $5,3 million from Canada, $4.5 million from Japan and one million of Brazil.

Whatever the final amount of the elections, all the funds will be managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), indicated Pierre-Louis Opont, recalling that in the draft document, signed between the Haitian State and the UNDP for the parliamentary elections, it is stated that "even the money of the Treasury will be managed by international"...

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