Friday, April 3, 2015

Assassination Of Journalist Marc-Elie Pierre

Haiti - FLASH : Assassination of journalist Marc-Elie Pierre
(Haiti Libre) - 03/04/2015 09:17:32

Haiti - FLASH : Assassination of journalist Marc-Elie Pierre
On the evening of Thursday, April 2, 2015, the young journalist Marc Elie Pierre of Radio Mélodie FM 103.3 was shot dead in Carrefour, while returning home.

According to preliminary information provided by the police, the assassination occurred after Marc Elie Pierre back from the beach in the company of friends, has boarded a public transport van, in the locality of Paloma, to return to his home. Once on board, unidentified individuals unidentified individuals, killed him by shooting him at point blank range. The reasons for the murder [or execution ?] Remains unknown for now.

The Government Youth of Haiti (GJH) expressed dismay upon learning of the assassination of Marc Elie Pierre. The GJH, face of this new drama "ordered the police and judicial authorities to order an investigation to identify and punish the perpetrators and accomplices of this assassination, according to law. The Government Youth of Haiti presents its sympathies to the family of Marc-Elie Pierre, his relatives, friends and colleagues at Radio Mélodie FM where he hosted a music show broadcast every Saturday and to the Haitian press in general."

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