Friday, February 27, 2015

Vinicito Castillo Called The Dominicans To Leave Haiti

Haiti - Politic : Vinicito Castillo called the Dominicans to leave Haiti
(Haiti Libre) - 27/02/2015 09:35:23

Haiti - Politic : Vinicito Castillo called the Dominicans to leave Haiti
Following the incident Wednesday in Haiti to the Dominican Consulate in Pétion-ville , Dominican Deputy Vinicio Castillo Semán, of the National Progressive Force (FNP) [ultranationalist right], known for his positions on the Haitian situation, declared Thursday to support the protest of the Dominican Government.

The Deputy Vinicio deplored that some elements of a violent protest march violated diplomatic space and burned and trampled the Dominican flag "without that opposes the forces of the Haitian police and face the inexplicable absence of the Minustah [...]" He argues that "The march against the Dominican Republic and the violation of diplomatic space was encouraged and tolerated by the Haitian government. It was a scheduled event, the Haitian government could take action to protect our consular office, which was not done with the full intention that the events of yesterday happen [...]

We support the strong protest of the Government and the Dominican Chancellery and ask the Dominican residents in Haiti to leave the country because it is more than likely that violence occurs against them, which could endanger their lives and integrity physical [...]"

Taking his favorite theme of the plot, Vinicio Castillo Semán asserts that "The government and the elite of the Haitian Civil Society have launched an international campaign against the Dominican Republic, accusing it of xenophobia and racism, with the intention to isolate it internationally. The aim of Haiti is very clear, they want to prevent the Dominican Republic to take action against the peaceful invasion and the exercise of its sovereign right to deport illegal under an international blackmail and if the Dominican Government do it, they will accuse it of committing acts of xenophobia and racism [...]".

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