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The Haitian Government Is Boycotting The PNRE - Vinicio Castillo

Haiti - Politic : «The Haitian government is boycotting the PNRE» dixit Vinicio Castillo
(Haiti Libre) - 21/02/2015 11:13:06

Haiti - Politic : «The Haitian government is boycotting the PNRE» dixit  Vinicio Castillo
The Dominican Deputy Vinicio Castillo Semán, of the National Progressive Force (FNP), known for its radical positions, says that "the Government of Haiti openly boycotting the Foreign National Regularization Plan (PNRE), by not providing the necessary documents to its citizens who are illegally in the country, so that they can be regularized."

Castillo Semán said that by doing so Haiti seeks to obtain international pressure on the Dominican Republic "In reality what interests the Haitian Government, is to start an international campaign to force President Medina to an extension of the National Plan for the Regularization and is maintained the prohibition of deportation of illegal beyond June 15, 2015 (end of the Regulation Plan) [...]"

The deputy asked the Dominican people to be very vigilant and asked the Dominican Government not to give in to blackmail and pressure of Haiti and international organizations, to achieve their goals.

"There are still four months to complete the process, sufficient time for anyone looking to be regularized through the offices open across the country and that those who do not, should know already that it will be repatriated to his country of origin."

For his part José Ricardo Taveras, the Director of Immigration reiterated that the Dominican Republic is not responsible for Haitians, who can not legalize their immigration status in the country. He regretted that the international community did not help Haiti for the Haitian nationals can have their documents in order to qualify for the Regularisation Plan, noting that the contribution of the Dominican Republic in PNRE, amounts to more than $20 million to allow free regularization of aliens in illegal migration situation.

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