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Haiti - Economy: Transport Strike, Paralysis In Port-Au-Prince, Violence At Cap-Haitien

Haiti - Economy : Transport Strike, paralysis in Port-au-Prince, violence at Cap-Haitien
(Haiti Libre) - 11/02/2015 12:10:19

Haiti - Economy : Transport Strike, paralysis in Port-au-Prince, violence at Cap-Haitien
Tuesday afternoon, the National Platform of Unions Transport Faithful (PNSTF), which paralyzed for a second day all activities in Port-au-Prince and of the Metropolitan Region (government, schools, shops, banks...) ended its 48-hours strike movement. Note that the Government to reduce the socio-economic impact of the strike, had set up various circuits where buses transported for free the population. In the late afternoon we gradually noted, a timid recovery.

The Government has appealed for calm and reiterated that a further drop in fuel prices was not on the agenda, because the the financial resources to conduct a 50% drop in the price of gasoline at the pump, are not available.

Pyram Sonel, the Spokesperson of the PNSTF, rejoiced that the strike watchword was followed across the country. However, he lamented that the Government was still refusing to access his claims for the drop in fuel prices of 100 gourdes. He stated that the union Platform given until next week to the Government to meet its claims otherwise PNSTF will pass to another phase of actions...

Moreover, in the night of Monday to Tuesday in Cap Haitien, where the strike had been little follow Monday of violence has been reported. Capois awoke to the morning with demonstrations, barricades of burning tires, throwing stones and of broken bottles, despite a heavy police presence. Shops, banks, public administration and the schools remained mostly closed door.

Volent clashes were reported in several areas of the city between demonstrators and police who used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. On Tuesday evening, in Cité du Peuple, unidentified individuals, have attempted to burn an excavator of public works, only the quick response of firefighters helped save the expensive heavy equipment, of the destruction.

Monès Augustus, the Departmental Director of the PNH in the North, reported during a partial assessment that three people had been arrested and another was shot and wounded.

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