Thursday, February 12, 2015

Canada Issues A Warning For Certain Risk Areas

Haiti - NOTICE : Canada issues a Warning for certain risk areas
(Haiti Libre) - 11/02/2015 08:59:09

Haiti - NOTICE : Canada issues a Warning for certain risk areas
Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, while stating that there is no warning in effect for the whole of Haiti, issued a regional warning, dated 9 February 2015, for the neighbourhoods of Martissant, Carrefour, Bel Air and Cité Soleil, in the Port-au-Prince area, as the security situation is particularly unstable and dangerous and advises against non-essential travel in these neighbourhoods.

"These areas continue to be dangerous due to criminal activity and the local authorities' lack of capacity to ensure order. Personal safety and a police presence are not guaranteed. The police are unable to respond in a timely manner to calls for assistance in these areas. It is strongly advised to avoid going out after nightfall.

It is imperative that Canadians who must travel to these areas take appropriate security precautions. Ensure that family members, friends, colleagues, local business representatives or organizations know when to expect you so they can meet you as soon as you arrive at the airport or border, and can guide you in your travels. The use of public transport of any kind is not recommended. As the security situation can change at any moment, check with the organizations, institutes or hosts that are taking care of you to receive the latest updates on the region to which you are travelling.

Crime :
Crime rates are high and the security situation is unpredictable. Remain extremely vigilant wherever you are in the country. Criminal activity is especially prevalent in large centres such as downtown Port-au-Prince, where armed gangs continue to operate. There have been reports of murders, kidnappings, armed robbery, burglary and carjacking, even in daylight hours. Never walk alone and avoid travelling after nightfall.

[...] A large number of gang leaders and offenders detained at the Croix-des-Bouquets civil penitentiary (east of Port-au-Prince) escaped in 2014 and are still at large.

Demonstrations and unrest :
Haiti periodically experiences social unrest, particularly during periods of political uncertainty and elections. The dissolution of Haiti’s parliament on January 13, 2015 and the current electoral situation have heightened tensions in the capital and throughout the country. Protests are ongoing and could become violent. Rioting could occur on little or no notice. Exercise a high degree of caution, avoid all demonstrations and regularly monitor local media to keep abreast of the situation.

Protest marches, strikes and road-blocks may occur at any time in the capital, throughout the country and on main highways. Movement may be restricted and local transportation services may be disrupted [...]"

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