Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Two Haitians Would Have Confessed Having Kille "Tulile"

Haiti - Dominican Republic : Two Haitians would have confessed having killed «Tulile»
(Haiti Libre) - 18/02/2015 12:18:00

Haiti - Dominican Republic : Two Haitians would have confessed having killed «Tulile»
Monday, General Manuel Castro Castillo, head of the Dominican National Police met in Santiago, the Commissioner responsible for the investigation of the murder of a Haitian immigrant, shoeshine, Claude Jean Harry (aka "Tulile"), found hanged from a tree in the park Ercilia Pepín in the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, February 11

At the meeting, which was held in the office of General Orinson Olivence Minaya, Director of the Central Directorate Cibao, Castro Castillo took note of the reports of officers in charge of the investigation.

According to a police source close to the investigation, the Dominican police detains two Haitians, ain suspects in the case. During interrogation the suspects would have confessed to have killed Claude Jean Harry. They would have severely beaten him until he lost consciousness before hang him, feet and hands tied. At the origin of this drama, a sordid affair of moving or furniture and other household appliances, stolen from the house of a woman strangled two days earlier, moved into the apartment of the sister of the victim, who would have paid each Haitian 2,000 pesos for the moving work.

Police authorities presume that Henry was killed by his compatriots to prevent it denounces this move, after he earned that it was stolen goods. One of the detained Haitians, acknowledged that he had helped to move the furniture and other goods, to the apartment of the sister of the victim, now in custody, in that other murder, which is the subject of a separate investigation.

That same police source assured that the murder of Claude Jean Harry was practically solved and indicated that both Haitian will be send soon to justice.

Note that the Chief of Police has refused to comment, saying the public would be informed in due course. So a case to follow, pending the official version of the Dominican Police on the findings of the investigation to know exactly what happened.

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