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The Government Is Tired Of The Case Of The Town Of Petit-Goave

Haiti - Politic : The Government is tired of the case of the town of Petit-Goâve...
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Haiti - Politic : The Government is tired of the case of the town of Petit-Goâve...
Saturday, in Gressier during a forum organized by the members of the Patriotic Force of Gressier (FOPAG), Ariel Henry, the new Minister Minister of Interior and Local Authorities declared "the choice of three interim agents who must administering the Soulouquoise city seems extremely difficult because of multiple contradiction." Given the impossibility of reaching a consensus, he announces that he does not wish to interfere in this hot and complex case.

A position of the Ministry of the Interior which has the effect of a bomb, at a time when many sectors are seeking to take control of the municipal administration of Petit-Goâve before the elections.

At the insistence of Louis Chaduc, who spoke on behalf of the new alliance of the political opposition, the Minister Henry explained the origin of the blockage "The problem is that there are too many groups proposing their own cartel. Each sector would like have its cartel named. That situation complicates the task of the Ministry and is what is bringing the Government to undertake numerous steps and meetings,"
adding that the state authorities was tired of these consultations. Because all the efforts made so far, to find a solution to the crisis were doomed to failure.

On the other hand, the Minister explained "We do not want to appoint temporary agents which subsequently will prepare the ground for their candidates for the next elections," adding "the government will not let themselves be manipulated by any political group. It will listen to the population and will decide only in function of the majority of the claims. It is up to Petit-Goâve to choose their leaders."

He also praised the members of the Special Technical Committee of the City of Petit-Goâve [installed in October 2014 ] which according to him, have properly fulfilled their duties. He did not rule out the possibility of prolonging, if necessary, their mandate until the next election, concludeding "We do not have enough time ahead of us and it is imperative to manage the emergency."

It is true that for too many months, the case of the appointment of a new cartel to the head of the Town Hall only further divides the Petit-Goâviens, polarize the city, fueling tensions and cause many often violent demonstrations

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