Thursday, February 12, 2015

The CEP Announces Two Elections This Year

Haiti - FLASH : The CEP announces two elections this year
(Haiti Libre) - 11/02/2015 08:34:51

Haiti - FLASH : The CEP announces two elections this year
Tuesday at a press conference at the office of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) in Petionville, Pierre-Louis Opont, the President of the CEP announced that there would be two elections this year (Legislative and presidential) and municipal and local in January 2016.

"[...] The electoral calendar has a minimum of 120 days [...] (from the registration date of the political parties to the election day, the second round is not included), we have a constitutional dates in the 1987 amended Constitution, which says that the presidential election is expected to take place on the last Sunday of October, the last year of office of President of the Republic, which brings us to 25 October.

[...] To meet this requirement, the CEP has proposed and proposes the political parties an electoral calendar starting in March 2015, ending with presidential of October 2015.

So our election calendar to date will assure parties that the election process will begin in March 2015 and we will have the legislative in July, for 2/3 of the Senate over the Chamber of Deputies, this election will be made in July 2015. We will have the second round of legislative elections and the first round of presidential elections in October 25, 2015 as required the Constitution and in January 2016, we will have the second round of presidential and municipal and local elections.

Allowing us early to renew the entire political staff who will manage the country and in the second round make sure to hold legislative and local elections, while taking the precaution of having an elected president that can be sworn February 7, 2016.

[...] By Friday, the electoral calendar will be prepared [...] From this weekend we will address us formally to all political parties to begin the round of consultations to allow us to validate an electoral calendar with the horizon of March 2015 to start the electoral process, in order to come to 25 October 2015, for the holding of presidential elections, having all the legislative before the presidential and in January hold local and municipal in order to have all elected in function for February 7, 2016..."

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